Sporting Shooter: Stalking Success (English Edition) por Carol Peter

Titulo del libro: Sporting Shooter: Stalking Success (English Edition)

Autor: Carol Peter

Número de páginas: 230 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 8, 2018

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Sporting Shooter: Stalking Success (English Edition) por Carol Peter

Carol Peter con Sporting Shooter: Stalking Success (English Edition)

IT ALSO routinely appears on
our regular Friday
E-Newsletter and our Facebook
page and it continues to be one
of our best rating regular
entries on all threee; it's a
symptom of LAFO's perceived
victimisation and our over
regulated firearm environment
that continually punishes us
for minor or non-existent
breaches of our gun legislation
and their associated devilish
regulations. The police's
liberal interpretation of
regulations has landed very
good people in hot water
unnecessarily and LAFOs are
heartily sick of the situation.
In this particular blog,
Simon advises that police treat
different people differently,
depending upon their prior
knowledge of the LAFO or the
area in which they live (eg
South Western Sydney comes
to mind) or for other reasons.
Simon is prepared to have
his contact details on 24-hour
“speed dial” for any LAFO
who feels the need to be
assisted in unexpected
interactions with our finest
in the law enforcement
community. He covers police
need for a warrant, dealing
with police, police
experience and knowledge of
firearms in general, careful
handling of your firearms,
photographing impounded
firearms for a record to serve
as future evidence.
If you are not a regular
in our “digital space”,
may I suggest you get onto
mates who are and get them
to print out The Loose
Cannon routinely, as it is
of repeated high value to
all legal firearm owners