Applause: A Second Chance (English Edition) por Gayle Wilson

Titulo del libro: Applause: A Second Chance (English Edition)

Autor: Gayle Wilson

Número de páginas: 210 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: September 10, 2012

Editor: iUniverse

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Applause: A Second Chance (English Edition) por Gayle Wilson

Gayle Wilson con Applause: A Second Chance (English Edition)

The circusits a place of glitz, glamour, and wonder. For the Koso family from Czechoslovakia, living the circus life means always hearing the audiences applause, a sound sweeter than cotton candy. As part of the Wills & Waterson Royal Three Ring Circus, the family performs bareback riding shows that fascinate and amaze their audiences.

Katiya and her husband, Maxim, teach their son, Jerry, the family business, and he eagerly practices to perfect his routine. Like his parents, Jerry thrives on the applause and enjoys the world of the circus and all that it encompasses. But for his father, those heady days may be dwindling.

Maxims knee, damaged long ago when he took a nasty fall, has become arthritic and increasingly more painful. The prospect of retirement looms in front of him, but he doesnt know how he will ever leave it behind. Yet the next generation wants to take the stage. Jerry and his new wife, Carla, are ready to step into Maxims shoes.

Katiya also has to make a decision: continue to perform or stay with Maxim at the family homestead. Will they get a second chance to hear the applause, or will the lights go dark?