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Titulo del libro: Sriman Narayaneeyam (Malayalam Edition)

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Sriman Narayaneeyam (Malayalam Edition) por GIRI

GIRI con Sriman Narayaneeyam (Malayalam Edition)

The Narayaniyam written by Melpattur Narayana Bhattatri condenses the Bhagavata Purana into 1034 verses, divided into one hundred dasakam, or cantos. The work occupies a very high place in Sanskrit literature, both because of the intense devotional fervour of the verses, and because of their extraordinary literary merit. It is said that the work has the blessings of Lord Krishna or Guruvayoorappan, the presiding Deity of Guruvayur.The ‘Parayana' or ritual reading of Narayaneeyam is believed to possess the wonderful power of healing afflictions, both mental and physical, of the devotees.