Tommy Two Shoes (English Edition) por Rowena Womack

Titulo del libro: Tommy Two Shoes (English Edition)

Autor: Rowena Womack

Número de páginas: 31 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 17, 2017

Editor: Wee Creek Press LLC

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Tommy Two Shoes (English Edition) por Rowena Womack

Rowena Womack con Tommy Two Shoes (English Edition)

Tommy Two Shoes loves shoes, and seems to have a pair for every occasion, shoes of every kind, including brown shoes, black shoes, fancy go-to-town shoes, hiking shoes and biking shoes with his dog Teddy, and whatever-you-like shoes, soft shoes and hard shoes, playing in your yard shoes. Tommy has red shoes, blue shoes, old shoes and new shoes, and sometimes he plays with his older sister, who likes white with-a-bow shoes! Tommy has canvas shoes, leather shoes, every kind of weather shoes, even velcroed shoes, tied shoes, buckle on-each-side shoes! Then, of course, Tommy has sports shoes, soccer shoes, b-ball shoes and T-Ball shoes! Yes, Tommy Two Shoes loves shoes! BUT, THERE’S ONE THING ABOUT SHOES TOMMY NEVER LIKES! Find out what frustrates Tommy when it comes to his many pairs of shoes in this delightful story in verse parents will love reading to their young child, and new readers will enjoy reading to their parents!