Rothaker (Everett Series Book 2) por Jenifer Ruff

Titulo del libro: Rothaker (Everett Series Book 2)

Autor: Jenifer Ruff

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Rothaker (Everett Series Book 2) por Jenifer Ruff

Jenifer Ruff con Rothaker (Everett Series Book 2)

Another school….another disappearance…

Brooke is thrilled to be a first-year medical student at Rothaker. Committed to winning a coveted scholarship for future surgeons, she has vowed not to repeat the “necessary”, but extreme acts from her years at Everett College. She is also intrigued by a classmate, the mysterious Xander Cross, a former college football player and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, hiding dark secrets of his own. Thanks to her single-minded obsession with excellence and achievement, Brooke’s plans are rolling along smoothly, until her integrity is questioned by Rachel, a rival student.

Does Brooke discover a soul-mate when Xander is forced to confront the truth of his haunting past? Or, will her determination to come out on top be her undoing?