Wake Up Britain (English Edition) por Henry Suzuki

Titulo del libro: Wake Up Britain (English Edition)

Autor: Henry Suzuki

Número de páginas: 37 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 18, 2016

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Wake Up Britain (English Edition) por Henry Suzuki

Henry Suzuki con Wake Up Britain (English Edition)

Do not vote on June 23rd until you have read this book? Whether you have already made up your mind either way there is some missing data you need to know about.
How did the EU really come about? What will happen to us if we continue being part of the Union? What will happen to us if we leave? We have heard all the scary stuff from the politicians. But they all have to leave something out don’t they?
For example, why did our prime minister allow almost 10 million pounds on a leaflet for example saying the same old rhyme phrases “ Better off in the EU and looks though he is saying the same again in another leaflet, “Guide to Voting.”
Do you know any deals that have been struck by our prime minister can be vetoed by the Union?
Is Boris Johnson really a boffin for comparing the EU to Hitler’s regime?
Do you know GDP from 1970 – 2015 has been falling gently from an average of 3.6% to only 0.7% in recent years whereas for the Commonwealth it has accelerated wildly since 1973? I wonder why that is? We can do something about it.
Read the book and you will be enlightened and will know what to do at the polls on June 23rd

800 years ago a tyrant king was forced by his barons to sign a Charter known as the Magna Carta? What has this got to do with the present day EU? – Lots.
Talking about charts; I have made one up – it’s for the rights of the people – that’s us. It is in the book.
Migration is ruining the EU. But there is a solution and it is proven to work. Read the book
Austerity can be overcome. No longer can we be starved of our needs and wants as a nation.
Belated birthdays present for Her Majesty the Queen. Guess what I have in mind; it is from all us nationals.