The Yoga of Writing (English Edition) por Michela Albanese

Titulo del libro: The Yoga of Writing (English Edition)

Autor: Michela Albanese

Número de páginas: 92 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 17, 2016


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The Yoga of Writing (English Edition) por Michela Albanese

Michela Albanese con The Yoga of Writing (English Edition)

Writing is like a double-bladed sword. Here the secrets to control a great power and handle the karma of your words. Writing is not just a beautiful challenge, passion, entertainment, fancy, but also great responsibility! What we think of what we have written expands out and beyond us, but because everything is linked to the cause and effect law, what we leave trace of becomes like a boomerang, that is to say becomes karma. Writing can therefore turn into a union and growing process both for the author and for the reader. The Yoga of Writing explains the secrets to command this great power everybody can develop. But if we use it badly it can hurt like a double-bladed sword. However, if we learn how to control it, it turns into a beautiful gift, useful to enhance our professional activity and our life. It's not just a technique but also an action of freedom and enlightenment, for us and for those who will read us, as well as for the future generations.