It Could'a Been (English Edition) por Marian Scadden

Titulo del libro: It Could'a Been (English Edition)

Autor: Marian Scadden

Número de páginas: 39 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 24, 2014

Editor: Marian L Scadden Enterprises

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It Could'a Been (English Edition) por Marian Scadden

Marian Scadden con It Could'a Been (English Edition)

A children’s play with music highlighting three tall tales: Johnny Appleseed, Sal Fink and Febold Feboldson. Johnny has a wolf for a friend, takes on some rough and tumble woodsmen and woman, but loves more than anything to give away apples and apple seedlings to passing pioneers. Sal Fink is the daughter of keelboatmen Mike Fink and just as tough and extremely big-hearted. She saves a family from a bear and saves herself from some river pirates. Febold Feboldson is by himself on the great plains of Nebraska and will go to the trouble of changing weather just to get a few neighbors. Several songs to familiar tunes are part of the show. RUNNING TIME: 45 minutes. CAST: 10 m. 9 f. 29 Either. FLEXIBLE CAST: 17-48.