The Walker: A Tale of Mindfulness, Loss and Resilience (English Edition) por Vincent Thibault

Titulo del libro: The Walker: A Tale of Mindfulness, Loss and Resilience (English Edition)

Autor: Vincent Thibault

Número de páginas: 32 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 17, 2014

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The Walker: A Tale of Mindfulness, Loss and Resilience (English Edition) por Vincent Thibault

Vincent Thibault con The Walker: A Tale of Mindfulness, Loss and Resilience (English Edition)

A Buddhist monk of Japanese origin, trained in mindfulness, moves to Canada. Near his small apartment in Quebec City is a park, a real little urban oasis located by a high school. The monk takes a contemplative stroll there everyday; all is light and harmony, until...

"This was one of the most significant encounters of my life. An encounter that was a little like the first time I met my spiritual teachers. But it was also very different: it was more brutal and violent than anything I had ever experienced."

THE WALKER: A TALE OF MINDFULNESS, LOSS AND RESILIENCE combines humor and drama, poetry and reflections on happiness, interdependence, nature, acceptance and memories.... It is sure to delight contemporary readers, from the most busy, skeptical ones to the more contemplative. A bowl of fresh air!

Vincent Thibault, a talented and prolific writer from Quebec, Canada, follows his own unique path. He has been publishing ten books in French, including both fiction and nonfiction. With translations by Lisa Hannaford-Wong, English readers can now enjoy his short stories. 2013 has also seen the English release of "Parkour", his essay on sports and the spirit of chivalry.

"Absolutely charming. Wonderfully written."
— Paul Ouellet, Première heure (SRC)

"Purity [the anthology from which "The Walker" has been taken] is the kind of book we devour in a few hours, and that reminds us how pleasant and profitable reading can be!"
— Christian Boisvert, Culturellement vôtre

"[...] Thibault's style is unique in the Quebec literary scene. Worth discovering. ****"
— Eric Paquin, Le Voir magazine

"[...] This writer has a talent for throwing the reader off course and surprising us with each one of his publications. [...] this book by Vincent Thibault is another step forward in a writing career that strays from the beaten path [...] His writing shows a great deal of skill and talent. An original writer who is always looking for different ways to show us the meaning of life. Writing is also able to serve this purpose."
— Yvon Paré, writer and critic, Progrès-Dimanche

"[...] it's difficult not to think of Haruki Murakami. [...] perfect mastery of form, stories that brim with compassion and empathy."
— Christian Desmeules, Le Devoir

"[...] a pen that continues to grow in power and finesse [...]"
— Editors' picks, Le libraire

"[...] An unexpected pleasure to savour his words in small doses [...] Ambitious and audacious, fascinating and unpredictable."
— Book review, Culturils

"[...] Truly extraordinary. You'll want to read all his other books."
— Christine Michaud, Salut-Bonjour week-end (TVA)

"[...] always vibrant, his characters are distilled using brilliant stylistic effects [...] Delight in Vincent Thibault's impetuous talent and striking originality."
— Dominique Blondeau, writer and critic, Ma page littéraire

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