Leap at the moon (English Edition) por Steven Wright

Titulo del libro: Leap at the moon (English Edition)

Autor: Steven Wright

Número de páginas: 274 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 6, 2014

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Leap at the moon (English Edition) por Steven Wright

Steven Wright con Leap at the moon (English Edition)

“Alexander hit the gate and veered violently to the right, hurling me from the saddle. I slammed into the solid wooden gatepost with a sickening thud and bounced over the fence. I lay with my arms and legs splayed and sand in my mouth. At that moment, the only thing I knew was that I was alive. That was a good start.”

'Leap at the Moon' is the sequel to Steven Wright’s best selling 'Run with your Heart'. It continues the true story of his adventures with ex-steeplechaser Adelphi Warrior, known as Alexander. Just when Steven thinks their partnership is secure, he suffers a terrible fall. He vows to battle back from serious injury and take his competing to new heights.
And tragedy strikes just as talented young mare Innes looks set to 'leap at the moon’ after surviving a broken leg.
Set in the Yorkshire Dales, 'Leap at the Moon' is the tale of an ordinary bloke who finds extraordinary happiness in the company of horses.