No Mean Feat (English Edition) por Mark Inglis

Titulo del libro: No Mean Feat (English Edition)

Autor: Mark Inglis

Número de páginas: 205 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 22, 2013

Editor: RHNZ Adult ebooks

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No Mean Feat (English Edition) por Mark Inglis

Mark Inglis con No Mean Feat (English Edition)

How a man who lost both legs below the knee overcame the odds to achieve incredible academic, sporting and industrial success, including a Paralympic medal in cycling.Mark Inglis was only 23 when he became a double amputee. No Mean Feat describes how he and fellow climber Phil Doole were trapped in an ice cave near the summit of New Zealand's Mt Cook for 13 days with minimal equipment and little food. By the time they were air-lifted out both men had severe frostbite and had to spend months in hospital recovering. Since then, Mark has set himself a number of formidable goals and achieved incredible success, including medals for skiing and cycling.No Mean Feat is an inspiring story of remarkable courage and determination, told with humour and a powerful zest for life.