GAYA SRAADDHA (English Edition) por Sarma Sastrigal

Titulo del libro: GAYA SRAADDHA (English Edition)

Autor: Sarma Sastrigal

Número de páginas: 42 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: November 26, 2011

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GAYA SRAADDHA (English Edition) por Sarma Sastrigal

Sarma Sastrigal con GAYA SRAADDHA (English Edition)

Gaya sraaddha is total and unquestioning trust that our pitrus exist, albeit in a different form, that we can communicate with them and seek their blessings, and that they are in some respects Godlike and can give us the boons we ask for. Gaya sraaddha is not to be done out of fear that pitrus will otherwise curse us – no! We have to learn to view them as our friends and facilitators for leading the Brahmin’s life as ordained, to the extent feasible in today’s world.
We should know and believe that the pitrus will sense our visit to Gaya even as we are packing our bags and will be ready to receive and accept our karmas. The contentment of pitrus from our deeds results in an impressive basket of goodies for us – health for the karta and his family, progeny, knowledge and wisdom, and wealth and prosperity.

I also deem it fit and relevant to present in this book another chapter on the significance of the Pratyaabdika Sraaddha (annual ceremony).

If my writing of this booklet gives a fresh impetus to persons who are thinking of a trip to Gaya and makes them act on it with anticipation and joy, I shall consider it a job well done